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Explore Kingston... by bike tours!

Explore Kingston in a new and unique fashion...a historical guided tour by bike!

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Our Tours

What We'll Do

#kingstonbiketours #kingston #kingstontours #toursinkingston #bikinginkingston

Welcome to exploring Kingston in a new and unique fashion... by bike!

Join us for a leisurely relaxed two hour historical bike tour of the downtown Kingston area. The bike tours are roughly 12 kilometres (just over 7 miles) long and will show you many of Kingston's Historical landmarks and attractions of one of Canada's most scenic and beautiful cities. You will enjoy the fresh air experience combined with a little physical activity, experiencing much more of Kingston than you would walking or driving!

Where We'll Go

#kingstonbiketours #kingston #kingstontours #toursinkingston #bikinginkingston

Founded in 1673, Kingston is filled with amazing historical and cultural landmarks for you to visit!

We'll bike to the notorious Kingston Penitentiary, through Queen's University Campus, beside Lake Ontario and its stunning view, to Gord Edgar Downie Pier and much more. Our bike tours are ideal for occasional or easy-going cyclists, and those travelling with friends, families and children (14+) who want to see and learn about Kingston's traditional historical downtown area.

What We'll Ride

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The bicycles we use are a seven-speed "Cruiser" style that allows you to sit upright and will be very easy to peddle and ride during one of our bike tours of Kingston!

Each bike is equipped with a handlebar pouch for your cell phone, keys and wallet along with a water bottle holder to stay hydrated. Better yet, we provide the water!

Our Visitors



Elin O. from Montreal

I lived in Kingston as a student many years ago and I wish I they had bike tours like this back then! I saw so many things I had missed living on campus. What an amazing tour! Jeff was super knowledgeable and it was the perfect amount of time

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Jennifer F. from Pennsylvania


My daughter and I had a wonderful and safe time cycling around with Jeff.  Beautiful Kingston is a perfect scale for cycling, and I felt a bit like a local by the end of our tour.  We learned so much, had fun, and got a little exercise.

Laura A. from Toronto

 Fantastic tour! I learned so much about Kingston. The bikes were super fun and comfortable. I highly recommend it! 

Josee L. from Kelowna

We had a great time with Kingston Bike Tours.  Would highly recommend. A very fun way to see and learn about the city. One of the best parts of our visit to Kingston. Very good bikes and Jeff is fun to bike with. He is also a good source of information regarding where to eat and other things to do in the city!

Ikumi H. from Japan

Thank you so much for the wonderful time! I really enjoyed and was able to learn about Kingston's culture and where we can see pretty beautiful sceneries.


Hans W. from Richmond Hill

  The upstart Kingston Bike Tours, is off to a good beginning. This is a very good way of not only seeing a city, but it’s history thrown in. The tour conductor we had, did a fabulous job – courteous, knowledgeable, and empathetic. You won’t be disappointed if you decide to take it.

Trevor C. from Calgary

The two hour bike tour seems to have flown so fast as we were enjoying every stop along the way. The best part is Jeff's a really good story teller. I was hooked on all the information and stories he had to say. All in all it was beyond what I expected from the tour. If you're looking to book a tour, book a bike tour. The sights, the information and the stories were great! Kudos  to this excellent service! 

Martha B. from Ottawa

 A great experience with a very knowledgeable and personable guide. Safe, well-paced and informative. Such an enjoyable way to discover the city and learn about its history. 

Maha G. from Brossard


I enjoyed the Kingston bike tour with Jeff very much. It is a lovely ride with a greatly knowledgeable Kingstonian. I highly recommend this activity for anyone visiting Kingston.

Gayatri N. from Toronto

Great way to " experience " the beautiful city of Kingston and see the main attractions up close in two hours! Jeff  was a wonderful  local guide,  patient, informed and  even  highlighted areas that we  had a personal interest in seeing.   Thanks for the memories Jeff - we look forward to taking  your tour again!

Linda H. from Nelson

Yesterday was my lucky day as I had a personal tour with Kingston Bike Tours.  Jeff has a great knowledge of the local history and his enthusiasm for the subject shines through. The route is lovely with stops along the way to appreciate the buildings and scenery.  My bike was comfortable and perfect for cruising along the tour.  Jeff was punctual, friendly, and even did research into a few of my obscure questions after the fact. I hadn’t planned on taking the tour, but saw the sign and signed up. Very glad that I did!